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We have the tools, skills and experience to efficiently build an operational model that is bespoke to your asset and valuable to your future analysis. Our team have built operational models for many sectors and run periodic valuation processes for even more.


We target operational models because the market has traditionally been let down. We oppose the two most common practices, which are to either force projects into awkward templates or overcharge for overengineered solutions. We provide a simple solution for bespoke, high quality operational models.

Operational models
Construction Sites


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Project development

We have always enjoyed strong demand for our project development and transaction models. We follow a rigorous, refined approach that enables powerful analysis and is flexible to changes. We help our customers to target optimal technical solutions and funding structures.

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Secondary market transactions

Whether it is working with a model we develop or adapting an existing model our project finance experience, the rigour of our processes and clarity of our communication makes our team a great asset to either side of a transaction.

We take care of the numbers so you can focus on maximising value.

Project finance


Business modelling icon.png
Business modelling

Our core skill and primary source of interest in financial modelling is understanding different businesses and what drives their profitability. This allows us to rapidly build tools to understand the questions you have about your business, because we become just as curious about the answers.


Whether you are undertaking a transaction, restructure, refinance or require assistance to appraise strategic options, we can help you deliver.

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Management and board reporting

We help businesses improve the reliability and efficiency of their analytical workflows. The improved efficiency frees staff from number-crunching and enables them to focus more of their time adding value to the business.

  • Consider what is possible and may be appropriate for your organisation.

  • Expedite information flows. Minimise manual entry, reduce copy-paste operations, perhaps automate altogether.

  • Eliminate unnecessary tasks.

  • Implement training along with practical policies and systems.

Corporate models


Fund modelling.png
Fund modelling

Our background in modelling funds covers a variety of asset classes, including renewable energy, direct lending, and real estate. There are several methods of modelling funds and portfolios of assets, and our experience allows us to choose a method appropriate to your needs.

Whether you require a tool for periodic reporting or strategic decision-making, we have the experience and skills to help.

Consolidating asset models.png
Consolidating asset models

For many asset managers, performing a periodic valuation is a far bigger task than it needs to be and, even after all that work, they are still wanting greater depth of information about their portfolio. Several funds are benefiting from our teams' work addressing this issue. If you have this problem, we would like to help solve it.

We can help you develop world-class analytical capability.

Fund analysis


Share based payment icon.png
Valuation of share-based payments

Valuing share-based payments can be a tricky process for many companies and especially those with complicated vesting conditions. Our team has experience executing valuations and providing simple tools that allow you to perform valuations yourself in future reporting periods.

Automation icon.png
Automation and analysis tools

We built our own in-house software to improve consistency and save ourselves from hundreds of repetitive manual tasks. We love improving our clients' workflows too. If you have a repetitive manual task, then please get in touch to see if we can help.

Examples of tasks we have automated:

  • Repricing thousands of invoices.

  • Analysing hundreds of thousands of purchase orders.

  • Tracing listed company shares back to their issuance on a LIFO basis.

  • Refreshing sets of scenario results.

We enjoy new challenges so please get in touch if you have one for us.

Additional services
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