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A straightforward process with clear steps and a structured timeline that helps you organise resources and be confident on delivery timing.


A lot of thought, experience and feedback has been put into all our in-house standards and practices which allows us to consistently produce robust and user-friendly models that meet our customers' needs and exceed their expectations.


A fixed fee for a clear scope that comfortably covers the requirements of the most projects.

Construction Sites


This product is particularly suited to customers who have a prior model that is no longer fit for purpose. This may be because it is a financial close model and now an operational model is required, or an existing operational model was poorly built or has become unreliable after gradual adaptation.


Typical customers for this product are funds, corporates, and developers who have investments in infrastructure assets that are funded through project finance.

If you have a requirement that does not fit this product, then we have a great consulting service that provides different types of models for a much broader market. Click below for more information about these services.


Step 1: Information gathering

We provide you with a checklist of the information that we require to understand your project and the requirements and preferences you have for your operational model.

After you have returned the information and we have reviewed, we have a call to clarify any outstanding details before proceeding with the build.


White Box Financial

Information checklist


Information requested, including the prior model

Step 2: Initial build

We build the initial operational model based on:
1.    information gathered;
2.    our experience of what works best; and
3.    common customer preferences.

We have found that it is most efficient for all involved when we make sensible assumptions to bridge any gaps in information that exist at this stage, and to address these all together following delivery of the initial model.


White Box Financial

Initial operational model

Feedback checklist​

Step 3: Feedback

You provide feedback on the initial operational model, including refinement of detailed requirements and preferences.

Supplementary reports and information are provided along with the feedback checklist to guide you through this, including:

  1. deltas;

  2. suggested logic corrections;

  3. scenario functionality options; and

  4. model reports.



Information requested in feedback checklist

Step 4: Refinement

We update the initial operational model based on the feedback checklist. Commonly it can be finalised after the initial build and a single iteration, however up to three iterations are included as standard to give new customers peace of mind.


White Box Financial

Model iterations

Information requests


Information requested

Detailed refinement requests


We remove any remaining supplementary development aspects of your operational model leaving you to analyse your project confidently and efficiently.


White Box Financial

Final operational model

Computer with Graph


Bespoke for your project

The model we deliver you is built for your specific requirements. Your model is custom fitted to your needs; we do not force your inputs into a stock template as you might find elsewhere.


Our models include dedicated space for you keep internal notes on inputs. These help you to quickly explain why inputs are what they are when fielding ad-hoc questions, and they improve the resilience of your team when key members are unavailable.

Scenario and sensitivity analysis

Scenario and comparisons features allow quick and insightful analysis of different projects options and potential outcomes. These can be quickly adapted by the user as circumstances change.

Readily reviewable and auditable

Our models are built with review and audit in mind. We have relationships with a number of well-regarded model auditors and can help you to select and engage an auditor, and complete the model audit process.

Update for

Our models are designed to accommodate the regular process of updating for actuals or rolling forward. We have multiple ways of doing this and can select one to fit in with your existing processes.


Track key inputs, results, and checks through the life of the model; and review how, why and when they have changed.


All our models are built to be intuitive to use and include guidance. They also come with links to instructional videos for key aspects of the model. This helps new users get up to speed and reduces key-person risk.

Debt ratio presentation

Ratio calculations are calculated within our models and set out in a manner that is generally familiar to lenders. This removes a common need for side calculations.

Understand KPI movements

Our models commonly include bridge analysis that splits KPI movements into their contributing changes in your forecast. Knowing which business drivers changed and how much they impacted results helps you explain project developments.

Interactive dashboard

Our dashboard allows users to analyse different scenarios, review results against prior periods and expand KPIs to dive deeper into further analysis.

Easily automated portfolio analysis

Our models can readily be used as a node in the automation of consolidated portfolio analysis. We provide this service and would be happy to talk you through its benefits.


Our approach was designed with the benefit of practical and theoretical understanding of various established modelling approaches. Our models are great on day one, and with reasonable care they will serve you well for years to come.

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