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Model overview

Take a tour of a White Box Financial model and gain an understanding of how to make the most of the user functionality we pack into the models we build.

This 6 minute guide uses a publicly available template model we built for a client as an example to give new users of any of White Box Financial model a whistle stop tour of what is included, it covers;

  1. Workbook structure [8s]

  2. Information sheet [40s]

  3. Navigation [59s]

  4. Checks [1m 29s]

  5. Change log [1m 49s]

  6. Bookmarks [2m 8s]

  7. Code and Macro sheets [2m 34s]

  8. Scenario manager (Configurations and cases) [3m 8s]

  9. Inputs [3m 37s]

  10. Calculations [4m 19s]

  11. Outputs [4m 41s]


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