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Characteristics of a good financial model

The following are the 12 earmarks of a White Box Financial Model.

Ease of use

  1. User-friendly across important user groups - Including analysts, in-house modelling capability, and senior management.

  2. Readily reviewable and auditable - Helps manage risk, cost, and schedule. We have experience delivering formal model audits and maintain relationships with respected audit firms.

  3. Quick - Short calculation and processing time.

  4. Change tracking - Allows quick and meaningful explanation of changes in results and reduces risk.


  1. Checks and alerts - Extensive automated tests reduce risk and promote housekeeping.

  2. Input tracking - Enjoy continuity when key personnel are unavailable.

  3. Flexible - A refined approach to quickly and reliably accommodate change, while managing complexity, cost and timing.

  4. Scenario and sensitivity analysis - Robust, repeatable and with clear outputs.

Meet clients' needs

  1. Business driver-based - Built up from pertinent business drivers.

  2. Useful outputs - Including a bespoke dashboard, annual summaries, detailed breakdowns, and often more.

  3. Professional presentation - Inspire confidence in investors, lenders and colleagues.

  4. Suitable for the audience – Allowing master versions to be quickly sanitised for submission to different stakeholders.


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