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White Box Financial models contain an extensive set of checks to allow users to have full confidence in the model results. We have put a lot of thought into functionality to help users find and resolve checks quickly and this video gives a guide to that functionality.

This 6 minute video covers;

  1. Checks freeze pane summary [16s]

  2. Errors and alerts explained [28s]

  3. Checks sheet [1m 6s]

  4. Finding and filtering for flagging checks [1m 28s]

  5. Resolving a flagging check [2m 4s]

  6. Addressing flagged checks of unresolved circular logic [3m 48s]

  7. Deactivating checks [4m 41s]

  8. Resolving change log alert [5m 3s]

  9. Summarising stored scenario checks [5m 24s]

  10. Finally [5m 47s]


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